2013 Fellows

2013 Churchill Fellows - South Australia

2013 Churchill Fellows - South Australia

Mr Mark Bell 

The Australian Institute of Management Churchill Fellowship to study business cluster development and facilitation from European leaders - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain

Mr Luke Dollman 

The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to observe and study teaching practices of the world's leading orchestral conducting teachers - UK, Switzerland, USA

Ms Karen Glaetzer 

The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study methods of improved care for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disability who require palliative care - UK, Ireland, Netherlands

Dr Trudi Mannix 

To investigate programs which aim to reduce stress and facilitate bonding between preterm infants and their parents - Ireland, USA, Canada

Mrs Courtney Ryder 

To facilitate the development of a curriculum framework for best practice simulation teaching in Indigenous
Health - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Miss Marwa Shabbar 

To understand the cultural, tribal and religious barriers facing Middle Eastern women in disclosing/reporting domestic violence - Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco

Ms Lisa Simonetti 

To investigate the benefits of Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics as a midwifery/nursing led model of care for patients experiencing miscarriage or potential pregnancy loss - Singapore, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Christopher Wainwright 

The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to learn from the world's best participatory orchestral education programs to aid the development of similar programs in South Australia - UK, Germany, USA

Mr Simon Whyatt 

To study the effectiveness of environmental sustainability programs in international wine regions - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Chile, South Africa