2014 Fellows

2014 Churchill Fellows - South Australia

with Govenor Kevin  Scarce  (centre left) and SA Reginal Committee Chair Alexandrea Cannon  (centre right )

David Bacchus

To identify innovative and effective methods for the recruitment, training and management of volunteer marine rescue services – USA, Canada, UK, France


Dr Kate Barnett

The Dr Dorothea Sanders and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to obtain an in-depth understanding from international leaders of designing, implementing and sustaining a ‘teaching nursing home’ – USA, Canada


Mr Stephen Bowers

To research specialist collections of historical blue and white ceramics to gain new understanding, inspiration and skills – USA, UK, Netherlands


Ms Kate Cameron

To explore international approaches to residential and alternative care for young people with developmental and intellectual disability and significant challenging behaviours – Denmark, UK, USA, Canada.


Ms Virginia Hickey

The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Churchill Fellowship to research interdisciplinary insights into decision making in different cultures and their practical application in improving the quality of board room decision making – Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Thailand


Ms Ellen Poyner

To investigate family violence and sexual assault prevention approaches, programs and evaluations – USA, Canada.


Mr Justin Ranford

To study methods for reducing South Australia’s road toll by exploring coordinated emergency services training and rapid extraction techniques – Norway, UK


Ms Tory Shepherd

To analyse how national enquiries into child sex abuse affect victims – UK, Ireland