Our History

About the Churchill Fellows Association of South Australia Inc.

The CFA SA is an incorporated association run by a properly constituted management committee for and on behalf of Churchill Fellows.

Throughout the year the CFA SA hosts a variety of functions. From on site visits of Fellow's workplaces to a drink and dinner out. The Annual dinner usually held in August, hosts the Annual General Meeting, where we welcome new Fellows and celebrates our Fellow's 25th anniversaries. You get to meet other Fellows, share your passion and develop a network with other Churchill Fellows from around Australia and the United Kingdom.

The Churchill Fellowship History

In 1962 the Duke of Edinburgh asked Sir Winston Churchill, then aged 88, what memorial he would like to be established in his name. Churchill suggested something like the Rhodes Scholarships, but available to a wider selection of people. As a result of this request, a fund-raising exercise was organized and was prepared to swing into action the moment Churchill died.

Sir Winston Churchill died on 24th January 1965 and the Churchill Memorial Appeal Day occurred on Sunday 28th February 1965. On that day in South Australia, 30,000 collectors called on 600,000 homes. All monies collected on that day were banked on that day. Banks opened especially for the Appeal Day. The South Australia goal was $180,000, while Australia wide the objective was $2 million. In South Australia $428,000 was collected and $4.5 million Australia wide. This is probably the most successful fund-raising event ever in Australia – as remarkable as the man it honoured!

Those funds collected in 1966 and wisely invested, have enabled over 3000 Fellowships to be awarded across Australia, of which over 300 are from South Australia.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

The Churchill Trust was established in April 1965. The principal object of the Trust is to perpetuate and honour the memory of Sir Winston Churchill by the award of travelling Fellowships known as Churchill Fellowships. The aim of the Churchill Trust is to give opportunities by the provision of financial support, for Australians from all walks of life who, having exhausted opportunities within Australia, desire to further their search for excellence overseas. There are no prescribed qualifications, academic or otherwise, for the award of most Churchill Fellowships. Merit is the primary test, whether based on past achievements or demonstrated ability for future achievement in any walk of life. The pootential for benefit to Australia is a significant factor.

Churchill Fellowships have been awarded in just about every field imaginable.

A Churchill Fellowship benefits everyone and everyone is a winner!! The individual because their determination, drive and dedication is recognized; their organization because one of their number is recognized for excellence; and Australia because the Churchill Fellow will return with skills and knowledge not readily attainable here.

You too can become part of the story of the Churchill Fellows by applying for a Fellowship.

Why not put in an application? Applications for the next round of Fellowships close at the end of February. 
More information, including a listing of previous recipients, is available on the website www.churchilltrust.com.au