Sponsored Fellowships - Dame Roma Mitchell

Dame Roma Mitchell served the Churchill Trust since its inception in 1965 as a member of the South Australian Selection Committee, Director, National Chairman, National President and was Patron at the time of her death in March 2000. Dame Roma contributed personally to the award of Churchill Fellowships during her time with the Trust and as a result of a generous donation from her Estate the Trust created a Churchill Fellowship in her name to be awarded in perpetuity.

Title of Fellowship: Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship for the pursuit of excellence in the Performing Arts.

Established in 1993.
Awarded : Annually

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2013 Luke Dollman
2011 Nicholas Parnell
2010 Gabriella Smart
2009 Nicholas Bochne
2008 Tristram Williams
2007 Alexis Kenny
2006 Lana Martino Smith
2005 Heather Barman
2004 Graham Lieschke
2003 Dimity Shephard
2002 Leanne Sullivan
2002 Narelle French
2001 Angela Black
2000 Mark Gaydon
1999 Bernadette Conlon
1998 Elowyn Leonard
1997 Douglas McNicol
1996 Tania De jong AM
1995 Joanna Cole
1994 Tobias Cole
1993 David Dockery