Once A Fellow Always A Fellow

A Churchill Fellowship is for life.

Once bestowed it is an award that you enjoy for the rest of your days. The same can also be said about membership of the Churchill Fellows Association of SA. 

The Churchill Fellows Association of South Australia (CFASA) aims to balance its budget annually. Events run by the association are planned to break even. Any surplus funds each year are allocated towards offering a South Australian CFA sponsored Churchill Fellowship.

Membership Fees are now being absorbed to encourage donations that will directly support this initiative.

The South Australian Fund is held with the Churchill Trust until such time as sufficient funds are accumulated to support a Fellowship, $13000 must be raised to offer this award.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to our facebook group for information of Fellows and their Fellowships as well as forthcoming events and general information 
  • The right to nominate for office and to vote at the South Australian AGM
  • Be involved in the exciting and positive experience of fostering the spirit of the Churchill Fellowship
  • Be involved in assisting (mentoring) new Fellows as they undertake their journeys of discovery and personal development

Membership Fees

For those who become members of the SA Association, there are a number of benefits.

Membership fees have now been waived but donations are encouraged annually from new and existing members.

Join the CFASA